our process


Initial Contact

When a customer contacts us, Trevor or Lisa will review the project details and seek what the desires are for the project by reviewing the information with you in person, phone or by email.


After reviewing the project details, we ask a few questions, including what is the desired timeline for the project, what is the estimated budget for the project, do you want a design drawn up for the project, how did you hear about us, what is the location of the project, can all parties that are decision makers be present when we come out and review the project.

After reviewing and answering the questions, we schedule a time to come out to the project. We can accommodate for Saturday appointments with special requests.

In Person Project Review

Trevor and Lisa will stop by and review the project and listen to your desires for the project. Once information is collected in person, with measurements and scope of practice within the project collected, we will walk away and formulate an estimate and design, if requested.

Estimates & Designs

There will be about a 10 day turn around for estimates and a turn around time frame for designs are individually based on the project itself. All estimates are emailed to the point of contact for the project. We can mail out a hard copy of the estimates if no email is available.

We are open and available to review the estimate in person, over the phone, or by email.

Approval of Estimates, Project Start Date, Payments and Timeline

Once estimates are approved, we seek a down payment for the project and then the project is placed in the schedule. Due to variances in the construction industry, there is about a 2-3 week allocation of flexibility in the start date. When the projects' start date is about 2 weeks out, we contact the customer and review the project with a project timeline. 

Our deposits and payment system is established within the estimate prior to starting the work. We collect a deposit and establish a project start date and we collect a certain percentage of payments throughout the project, including two weeks prior to start date, and after various aspects of the work is completed. If there are any change orders within the project, we collect payment for these changes upfront and prior to ordering or producing any work. We believe this is honest and transparent for all parties within the project. 

The project timeline is a hard copy of the scope of the entire project, including the initial set up of laying down protective material, demo work, project required trades and scope of practice, to clean up and project review.

Project Communication

Throughout the entire project, we are responsible for communication. As we have detailed the above as establishing customer communication, we also continually communicate with the customer and all of the required trades for the duration of the entire project. All of the trades that we contract out, for example electrician, plumber, etc., are licensed and insured within the scope of practice.

Timeless Construction & Design communicates in a timely manner to all parties related to the project. We communicate to your preference, through individual or group text messaging, emails, phone calls or in person.